GratefulCircle's special features include:

Gratitude Board

The "Gratitude Board" allows you to share what you are most grateful for as often as you like on a board called the Gratitude Board. This is a universal board, which allows everyone to view your postings, if you would like to post anonymously, simply check the anonymous box. People who are thousands of miles away can read your posting and be inspired, touched and moved by what you are grateful for and maybe you can bring a smile to a strangers face and brightens their day. So share what you are most grateful for using the "Gratitude Board".

Help Board

The "Help Board" is designed to bring awareness and make a difference. Individuals, health, nonprofit, humanitarian and environmental organizations can post their concerns and needs on the Help Board, which every user has access to view. For example, someone in need of dental work can ask for help, Red Cross can ask for blood or organ donations, Humanitarian and Environmental Organizations can ask for financial or other support. The Help Board postings will be available to all registered users and you can comment, share the information, help or simply ignore the content. The choice is yours.

Message the Universe

The "Message the Universe" board is a feature for individuals to communicate their thoughts and concerns with a higher power that they resonate with. Simply post your thoughts, prayers, or wishes and share it with the world. This is a universal board, which allows everyone to view your postings, if you would like to post anonymously, simply check the anonymous box.

My Store

The "My Store" is an optional e-commerce store that allows you to display and sell anything from used items to your own creations to a group of friends or the entire GratefulCircle network. It's fun and designed to be user-friendly.

Script it

The "Script it" is a board feature in which you can share a dialog between a group people in your profile board. You can create a story line, quote a person, movie lines, music lyrics, etc. Friends can view and comment as they desire. This is a fun and interesting feature for all to use.


GratefulCircleJobs.com is an international online employment search engine dedicated to provide first-rate service. Our objective is to make job posting and job viewing simple and fast for all Job Seekers and Employers around the world. With our special implemented features our goal is to assert profound leadership in the internet employment services, effective communication, and a safe, reliable, user-friendly website for all to find and post a job within your major city globally. Our services are currently FREE! Have a look here: www.gratefulcirclejobs.com


The classified website is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements – with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community and more. Have a look here: www.gratefulcircleclassifieds.com

Conference Circle

"Conference Circle" is video conferencing tool where you can create virtual meetings with one our multiple users. It's fun and easy to use. Try it today!
Random Chat

The "Random Chat" video feature randomly selects online registered users to have a quick video, audio and text chat. If you do not want to chat with the selected online user, simply click the "next" button and the system will automatically randomly select another user for you to chat with. Enjoy!
EDU (Coming soon)

"GratefulCircle EDU" is a safe interactive website that provides effective classroom communications between students and instructors.

Using EDU, instructors have the ability to communicate directly with students, using internal profile sharing, board messages, direct internal messaging, video conferencing, instant messaging, real time classroom forums, email alerts, text alerts and much more. This is a great online interactive tool for both students and teachers, ultimately enhancing effective educational communications worldwide.

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